Friday, September 09, 2005

Jihadist sympathizers/Architechtual designers?

In other news about 9/11 memorials, the design for the memorial to the heroes of flight 93, entitled "The Crescent of Embrace", was released to the public. Michelle Malkin's question is the most appropriate:

"Remind you of anything?"

Well, it reminds me that there are plenty of people in this nation (Apparently they went to colleges that screwed up their central cortexes, but unfortunately did nothing to debilitate their motor skills.) who can not tell the difference between a memorial for the murdered men, women and children on flight 93 and a memorial to the "Martyrs of Islam" who murdered them and thousands of others that September day.
Unfortunately for all of us, the people who create and design many of these monuments live in an entirely different nation then the rest of us do. Consider the philosophy of the architect, Paul Murdoch:

"A primary task of this generation is to create new patterns of development that sustain human habitation on this planet. Towards this end, the principles adopted for our practice are intended to ensure that each project contributes to an overall goal of environmental responsibility while striving for design excellence.

As architects, we are uniquely qualified to help formulate and translate policy into tangible form; mitigating pressures of urbanity with the need to heal the natural environment. Each design solution is seen as a contribution to the human condition; as it exists today and evolves into future generations.

Our goal is to define and study problems both in terms of clients’ direct needs and relative to long term effects on natural and man made surroundings. More than problem solving however, we aspire to emotionally affect and uplift our lives through poetry and beauty.

It is through these transcendent qualities that we optimistically strive for ways to
enrich life and fulfill our original purpose for engaging in the practice of architecture."

Interesting. Yet another narcissistic nihilist that will save the World with his "Art". Mr. Murdoch probably truly believes that he created a beautiful memorial here, and I'm inclined to think that he is right. The problem is that he created a memorial for the murderers rather then a memorial for the heroes of flight 93 who may have saved countless people through their actions.

A shame what a college education will do to some people isn't'nt it?


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